• Dated: April 12, 2021   |   Duration: 03:10
    From her debut red-carpet outing to her first ever award nomination, Vanessa Kirby shares some of her most significant milestones…
  • Dated: March 5, 2021   |   Duration: 10:22
    Kirby discusses what she's learnt about motherhood, grief, confidence and love.
  • Dated: May 2, 2018   |   Duration: 05:55
    She might have found international fame thanks to her scene-stealing turn as Princess Margaret in The Crown (and winning Netflix's first Bafta as a result), but Vanessa Kirby has been working in the industry for over a decade - from starring alongside Tom Cruise in the latest Mission Impossible film to joining the Fast & Furious franchise - and therefore knows a thing or two about battling with critics and the importance of inner strength.
  • Dated: December 4, 2017   |   Duration: 12:57
    Vanessa Kirby immersed herself in research after being cast as the princess in Netflix's The Crown. Stories pour out of her: of Margaret partying until dawn, of Margaret putting her cigarette out on a starter she didn't like, of Margaret having a lavatory built as a throne, "which I thought was brilliant".
  • Dated: November 29, 2017   |   Duration: 01:03
    Go behind the scenes of this month's Vanities photoshoot. Vanessa Kirby of "The Crown" is also the newest addition to the "Mission Impossible" family.
  • Dated: June 20, 2017   |   Duration: 02:09
    Following the 2017 Women of the Year Awards, Emma Bunton, Amy Poehler and other winners discuss where they'll keep their awards.
  • Dated: February 28, 2013   |   Duration: 01:12
    Behind-the-scenes of Hunger TV with Vanessa Kirby.
  • Dated: November 22, 2016   |   Duration: 02:16
    2013 InStyle EE British behind-the-scenes.
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