December 6, 2022 ♦ Site Maintenance

Hello and welcome back to Vanessa Kirby Fan! My name is Claudia and I’m the new owner of this beautiful fansite. First of all let me thanks Ana for the privilege she’s given to me to run this. For the past weeks since taking over I have been revamping it in every piece, keeping it […]

October 24, 2022 ♦ Site Maintenance

I, Ana, have reached a big and final decision after almost a year of thinking about this, wanting to go forward, and taking a step back to thank all the fans that have came along, I adored Vanessa since I first saw her on Labyinth, which was 10 years ago. A new era has began […]

October 10, 2022 ♦ Interviews, Videos

Vanessa has been selected to narrate Morgan is my Name by Sophie Keetch on Audible. And to celebrate that, Audible 8, released a small interview containing some not usual questions. Previously, Vanessa announced she wanted to be embassador of organizations she believe in, so, to support that, she went Live with Nemonte Nenquimo : We […]

September 20, 2022 ♦ Movies, Stills, The Son, Videos

According to the premiere of  The Son the first trailer and production still including Vanessa has been released: Check out the trailer.

September 19, 2022 ♦ Appearances

We had the previlege to see Vanessa on Venice’s new edition on the premiere of The Son. She stunned the red carpet with a red Valentino two-pieces outfit as well as a sequined and feather-embellished nude-colored dress from the same brand, 2022 collection. Public Appearances > Events in 2022 > Sep 07 | 79th Venice International […]

June 18, 2022 ♦ Appearances

Vanessa attended a small event in Madrid for Cartier, Beautés du Monde. See a few pictures over the gallery, sadly not many available, and a few small videos which have been screencapped and added over the gallery as well. Video One is from Cartier’s instagram page and you can view it here, and Video Two […]

May 23, 2022 ♦ Mission: Impossible, Movies, Videos

Vanessa looks, once again, stellar, on the first official look as White Widow on MI:7. The movie is due to release July 2023.

March 14, 2022 ♦ Appearances

Last week, Vanessa attended Valentino’s FROW in Paris, enjoy pictures on our gallery from the event: Public Appearances > Events in 2022 > Mar 06 | Paris Fashion Week: Valentino – Womenswear F/W 2022-2023

February 26, 2022 ♦ Italian Studies, Movies, Screencaptures

As we previously stated, Italian Studies was out this year, and we have gathered the screencaps from the movie. Enjoy them over the gallery: Movie Productions > Featured Films > Italian Studies > Screencaptures

February 7, 2022 ♦ Site Maintenance

Hi everyone! To enter this new year in big, we have updated both main and gallery themes using the same base we had before by the wonderful Kaci, and having new graphics for header, footer, affiliates (look how pretty they are!) and projects by the great (me, lol) iWlandDesigns. We have also updated our Twitter […]