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We firstly presented information on Vanessa’s casting on this movie as Untitled Adam Leon Project where even a few candids of her character were seen (here). Now, it has officially been announced that the movie will premiere on Tribeca Film Festival this summer, June 12th. The movie runs for 81 minutes and tickets are available on the festival’s official site here. Also, it is now known that Vanessa will play the character Alina Reynolds. The first and official still has already been released as well as is now available on our gallery:



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There’s finally the first look of Italian Studies (Untitled Adam Leon Project)! There’s only one image available for now, but hopefully by the end of the year more will came. Will still leave the movie as 2019 in our gallery, until we have an official release date.

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2020 is now over, but we can’t say it wasn’t a big year for Vanessa. We were lucky enough, to watch Vanessa win an award, release 2 movies and being on several magazine covers. Here’s 2020 in review:

January began with Vanessa filming Pieces of a Woman, which will be released in soon (January 2021). February started off with Vanessa’s project Mr. Jones being released all over the world, as well as the first event she attended, BAFTA. This same month, it was announced that Vanessa would be featured on the two next Mission Impossible movies. March was a month of change, so we switched out our themes, both main page and gallery which got changed again in September. The month after, April, we released Vanessa’s closet thank you to fans donations for making this happen. This last months were a bit quiet so we took the opportunity to add new feature to our fansite. In May Vanessa was, once again, as a mentor, supporting The Mono Box  as well as SpareHand. In August, Vanessa joined her first of the year voice work, with several episodes of Spyscape: True Spies hereSeptember was the loveliest month of the year, were we got to see Vanessa’s beauty on the red carpet again for thee 77th Venice Film Festival in The World to Came premiere and photocall as well as Pieces of a Woman, both premiere and photocall as well. This same month, Vanessa graced us with a brand new photoshoot of the year for The Hollywood Reporter. And we got to know that Vanessa intended to create a production company, sadly, nothing else has been released about. To finish off this month, Vanessa won a best actress award for her role on Pieces of a Woman. November we got the first look on Italian Studies (previously known as Unknown Adam Leon Project). December was a great month to promote her newest projects with magazine covers and fashion spreads for Harpers Bazaar, Esquire,  and several others. To finish the year, she joined several celebrities on The Graham Norton Show here.

We were lucky enough to get some insight of Pieces of a Woman, here and here, as well as World to Come, here, and here , throughout the next months.

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