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She had the world’s most famous sister, was forbidden to marry the man she loved and became the fashion idol of her age. Princess Margaret is the role of a lifetime – and  the one actress Vanessa Kirby feels she was born to play. She tells Stella about bringing the princess back to life in Netflix’s new blockbuster The Crown (source)

I know this is crazy but I’ve suddenly twigged: I think I’m Princess Margaret!’ Actress Vanessa Kirby is recounting not a moment of insanity but the conversation she had with her agent last spring, after an epiphany on London’s South Bank.

Her hunch turned out to be a prediction. The 28-year-old Vanessa ‘is’ indeed Princess Margaret, and will perhaps always be known as such, having nabbed the part of the Queen’s younger sister in a new, 10-part British monarchy drama, The Crown.

The series has just debuted on the subscription channel Netflix and is set for royal success. It’s directed by Stephen Daldry and written by Peter Morgan, a man who knows this subject well, having written the 2006 film The Queen and the 2013 play The Audience, both starring Helen Mirren as the monarch.

The Crown is one of the most sophisticated and astonishing dramas of recent years. It’s certainly the most intimate portrayal of the British Royal family we’ve ever seen.

As Vanessa says, ‘It goes behind the closed doors of a world that we are so used to and think we know.’ But there’s the rub. We don’t know – which is what makes this show, hoped to run for six series, so compelling.
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