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Back in October 23, Vanessa also attended a event sponsored by BAFTA for ‘The Crown‘:

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Appearances / Events > 2016 > October 23: BAFTA screening and Q&A of THE CROWN

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Photoshoots > 2016 > Set 015 for ‘The Crown’ Press Day

Here you can find one more interview made when Vanessa was in Toronto promoting ‘The Crown‘!

A tête-à-tête with the cast of the network’s $100 million production. (source)

It doesn’t matter if you woke up at dawn to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William, or if the extent of your royal knowledge is limited to knowing the names of the most eligible heirs (confession: I fall into this one), chances are you are at least somewhat intrigued by the the royal family. They are arguably the most famous monarchs in history. But what I think makes them infinitely more interesting is how they navigate maintaining royal traditions and reign in a time when the rampant progression of technology and media have resulted in a level of attention never experienced by any other monarchy, all the while still upholding some semblance of privacy. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

So when Netflix’s newest, buzz-y-est (and biggest-budgeted, coming in it at a whopping $100 million) venture, The Crown, pulls the curtain on the most guarded family, you know it’s a show that can’t be missed. After a crash course in royal history (I spent many late-night hours memorizing the family tree) and watching the first season in its entirety, I couldn’t wait to sit down with Vanessa Kirby, who plays the Queen’s rebellious sister, Princess Margaret, and Jared Harris, who takes on the role of King George VI, to talk about the most surprising scenes, what it was like to work on such a big-budget production, and *that* Prince Charles story.

Jared Harris: I got a little beer here, don’t I?

Coveteur: It looks like your day is going well.

Vanessa Kirby: It’s so fun! You know what, we always get paired together and we love it, don’t we, Jared? We steal each other’s stories—although I did tell this Prince Charles poo story in another solo interview.

C: Wait, what’s the poo story?

VK: Oh god, it’s completely not what you’d expect. Billy, who plays Prince Charles—he’s the most beautiful little boy, we’re in love with each other—he did all these practical jokes on us. He used to scare us all the time. He was doing a bath scene with Matt [Smith] and Claire [Foy] and he, with the makeup team, made this very real, life-size poo, which he then put in the bath for them to discover. I told this story in another interview and they were like… ‘Okay, moving on’. Anyway, that’s the sort of fun we had on set.

JH: Ah, yes, little pranks.
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Vanessa is playing Helen on the radio play ‘In Therapy‘ on BBC Radio 4.

1st part in July (here)

‘In Therapy’
download it in flv

2nd part in November 15th, on episode 7 (here).


A bunch of interviews have been released online with Jared Harris and Vanessa Kirby about their performances on ‘The Crown‘ but also some more interesting questions were made. Check some now:

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Photoshoots > 2016 > Set 015 for ‘The Crown’ Press Day

Jared Harris and Vanessa Kirby aim to humanize royal family in The Crown

On a recent press day in Toronto, English actors Jared Harris and Vanessa Kirby are gamely posing for photos before an interview. Kirby pops bunny ears behind Harris, who goads her on, showing the same playful and easy chemistry the pair share as father and daughter on screen in The Crown. Netflix’s new series, which starts streaming this weekend, explores the impact that the British monarchy has on the lives of those close to the throne, with the first season set in the 1950s, focusing on Princess Elizabeth’s accession and early reign. (Later seasons will trace the life of Elizabeth II straight to the present day.)

In the premiere season, King George VI (Harris) is portrayed as being close to both dutiful Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and her impetuous younger sister Margaret (played with great verve and pathos by Kirby) – but the latter was by many accounts the favourite. “He marvelled at the side of her personality that he didn’t have, which was that gregarious exhibitionist,” says Harris, a prolific character actor perhaps best known as Lane Pryce on Mad Men. “It filled him with terror to have to go up and stand in front of people. He was more comfortable in private, with his wife and children.”

George’s family was a surprisingly warm and close-knit clan, one that referred to themselves as “us four.” This was an explicit choice the King made in contrast to the Victorian upbringing under his own father George V, where, Harris says, “children were seen and not heard. There was never any demonstration of affection or love.”

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You can find now available on our gallery the shoot made for Last Magazine as well as Vanessa’s interview (source):

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Photoshoots > 2016 > Set 014 for Last Magazine

“The way that he reflects life, it’s just so beautifully believable. It’s something you can’t explain.” Down the line from London, English stage, television, and film actress Vanessa Kirby is recalling one of the first times she felt completely transported by the art of storytelling. It was the work of Chekhov, the National Theatre production of The Cherry Orchard with Vanessa Redgrave, to be exact, which left a young, impressionable Kirby with a resounding love for the medium. “I was totally there in Russia with that family for three hours and it made me feel differently about my life and my family and grateful for what I have,” says Kirby.

It is the echo of moments like these that have come to define the 28-year-old’s work—an unwavering desire to “move people,” which, judging by her ever-growing collection of IMDB credits and turns in various stage productions would affirm, has not gone unnoticed. Yet, despite being five years in on a career that is firmly on the ascent, and gaining traction as what could only be described as a star on the make, it would be remiss to assume that Kirby’s path to acting did not come with its share of setbacks. “I applied to drama school at seventeen and they said I was too young,” she recalls. “I came to understand that, for me, to act the best I could, I needed to grow and meet a ton of people and learn a bit more about life.”

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