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Since The World To Come has now been released digitally, we bring you screencaps from the full movie and a released featurette which you can watch here. Let’s not forget that it was shoot in 16mm film so the quality isn’t HD.

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Hi everyone! Our previous host closed down, and for that reason, our site was offline for a few days, but, it is now back and running smoothly! As to celebrate, we bring you a brand new theme using the latest Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot. This year we celebrate 8 years of existence in May and we hope we can keep accompanying you on this journey alongside Vanessa’s career. All graphics are made by iWlandDesigns and coding is by Kaci.


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Vanessa gives voice, yet, to another amazing collection, this time for Virginia Woolf in a little over 30 hours. There’s different narrators for this masterpiece, which include Tilda Swinton, Jessie Buckley, Kristin Scott Thomas, Adetomiwa Edun, Andrea Riseborough, Tracy Ifeachor, Samuel Barnett, Johnny Flynn, Juliet Stevenson onto 4 different books.  Vanessa’s part is only featured on The Waves. You can buy this official CD/ Audio here. On the same site, you can buy other items which Vanessa is part of: The Other Boleyn Girl, Romeo and Juliet and Ladybird Tales of Adventurous Girls.

Mrs Dalloway (1925)

One day; two lives. Mrs Dalloway prepares for a party, whilst a First World War veteran treads the same streets. Follow 24 hours in the lives of two extraordinary people, each of them recovering from the First World War. A hostess and a soldier come together…in the most unexpected of ways. Kristin Scott Thomas performs.

To the Lighthouse (1927)

A family’s summer holidays see them return to the Isle of Skye over days and years, sailing boats and enduring wars. As we follow the slow unfolding of the Ramsays’ fortunes, both children and adults grow, love, lose. Listed as one of the best novels of the 20th century. Tilda Swinton performs.

A Room of One’s Own (1929)

Based on a series of lectures to women’s colleges, this collection of essays first published in 1929 explores a female’s need to have space to create, exist…survive. A must-listen for anyone exploring the roots of feminism – or simply what it is to be a woman. A provocative and pervasive listen that remains relevant to listeners of any age. Jessie Buckley performs.

The Waves (1931)

A dreamscape novel that follows six characters united by a single friend. Set against a stunning English coastal landscape, the novel dares to be one of Woolf’s most inventive narratives as it explores the journey from childhood to adulthood and beyond that – death, and all that we may learn. Vanessa Kirby, Adetomiwa Edun, Andrea Riseborough, Tracy Ifeachor, Samuel Barnett, Johnny Flynn and Juliet Stevenson perform.

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Vanessa is featured on Harper’s Bazaar April UK Issue with a wonderful and lovely new photoshoot. There’s two covers, so you might be able to get the normal cover (with the beige cardigan) on newsstands and the special cover if you’re a subscriber (red jumpsuit). You can see the full interview on the magazine insert or on the released video which is available by on the magazine’s official youtube page here. Up next, we will add Pieces of a Woman blu-ray screencaps since the digital version of the movie was out this week.

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Vanessa graced our screen while Zooming for Golden Globes as she was nominated for best actress. Unfortunately she didn’t win, but she is already a winner in our eyes with, not only, an amazing career but also the gracious look she had. She was accompanied by her sister Julie, and hopefully will have screencaps from the event soon added to our gallery. For now, enjoy photos from the event powered by Gucci and Cartier.

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Kirby – who was nominated for her role in Pieces Of A Woman – chose a sleek and simple black Gucci dress for the occasion, which featured a halter neckline and a cut-out detail at the front. Elevating the evening look, she paired the ensemble with some sparkling Cartier jewels in the form of two rings and one pair of statement platinum earrings, both featuring red and white diamonds. The look was typical Kirby, who always exudes that pared-back elegance on the red carpet, something which she says is a direct result of being on set most days.

“When you have to dress up as different characters for your job, I prefer to just keep my personal style quite neutral,” she told us. “I have a uniform pretty much, all black!”
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