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The film is being produced by Oscar winners Iain Canning and Emile Sherman (“The King’s Speech”), as well as Joanna Laurie of See-Saw Films and Christophe Spadone (“The Father”) alongside Zeller. Film4 are co-financing. Shooting is expected to start in the coming weeks. has joined the cast of “The Son,” Florian Zeller’s follow up to his Oscar-winning feature debut “The Father,” Variety has learned.

Kirby, who was Oscar-nominated for “Pieces of a Woman,” will star in the film opposite Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman. As with “The Father,” “The Son” was adapted by Zeller and Christopher Hampton (“Dangerous Liaisons”), from Zeller’s critically acclaimed stage play. Zeller and Hampton just won the best adapted screenplay Oscar.

“The Son” focuses on Peter (Jackman) as his busy life with new partner Emma (Kirby) and their baby is thrown into disarray when his ex-wife Kate (Dern) turns up with their teenage son, Nicholas. The young man is is troubled, distant and angry, playing truant from school for months. Peter strives to be a better father, searching to help his son with those intimate and instinctive moments of family happiness. But the weight of Nicholas’ condition sets the family on a dangerous course.
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Vanessa has been giving voice to several episodes of Spyscape: TrueSpies edition. This season has been airing since August 2020 and episodes have been released weekly. Follow the guide below for the released episodes from oldest to newest. For now, 47 episodes have been released. You can also hear the podcasts via the official Spyscape site here.

True Spies: The Man from The Getty
True Spies: N is for Novichok
True Spies: Blackbird
True Spies: The Real Black Klansman
True Spies: The Targeter
True Spies: Exit Strategy
True Spies: The Nuclear Superhighway
True Spies: Blinking Red
True Spies: Justice For Leon Klinghoffer
True Spies: The Limping Lady
True Spies: The Argonauts
True Spies: Sister Spies
True Spies: Codename Madeleine
True Spies: Burgers & Spies
True Spies: Hacked
True Spies: Drug Wars
True Spies: Blood On The Waterside
True Spies: The ‘Dreams Come True’ Business
True Spies: Olympic Games
True Spies: The Irishman
True Spies: Tradecraft PT 1
True Spies: Tradecraft PT 2
True Spies: How To Make Friends And Stage Coups
True Spies: Freeing Meek Mill
True Spies: The Money Spy
True Spies: Mandela’s Spy
True Spies: Seven Female Spies
True Spies: Inside NAMBLA
True Spies: Putin’s Palace?
True Spies: The Not-So-Beautiful Game
True Spies: The Profiler
True Spies: Surviving NXIVM
True Spies: Bring Down The Big Man
True Spies: The Spy In The Cornfield
True Spies: New Russia, New Rules
True Spies: Operation Zulu Cricket
True Spies: Indian Actors
True Spies: Operation Game Over
True Spies: Russia’s Most Wanted
True Spies: Searching for the Soldier
True Spies: Her Majesty’s Secret Service
True Spies: The Boiling Frog
True Spies: Making Jack Falcone
True Spies: The Avenger
True Spies: Trade Secrets
True Spies: The Destroyed Man
True Spies: The Sociopathic Spy


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Vanessa has been added to a new casting list! She will join Jake Gyllenhaal on the survival thriller Suddenly which will be directed by Thomas Bidegain.

The movie will be the sophomore directorial outing for acclaimed screenwriter Thomas Bidegain, known for scripting films such as A ProphetRust And Bone and Dheepan, which won the Palme d’Or. Bidegain is also scripting the English-language project.

The feature is based on Isabelle Autissier’s French-language novel Soudain Seuls, which follows a couple who become stranded on an island in the South Atlantic and must fight for survival when their dream journey becomes a nightmare. The novel shines a light on the dynamics of their relationship and also holds a mirror up to modern society.
Studiocanal is launching world sales this week and is teaming up with Tresor Films and Gyllenhaal’s Nine Stories on the blue chip prospect.
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As some of you may remember, Vanessa was the face of Smythson for the year of 2016 alongside James Norton. 20 new pictures from that photoshoot have surfaced the web and are now over our gallery:

020.jpg 024.jpg 037.jpg 038.jpg


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Here’s one of the reviews shared by Italian Studies release after Tribeca. The reviews are mixed up, but we hope that it gets picked up soon by a distributor!

In Gimme the Loot and Tramps, writer-director Adam Leon displayed a keen ear for the vernacular of youth and a captivating light touch observing the fluid shifts in his characters from spiky friendship to romantic intimacy. There are plenty of young New Yorkers on hand again in his third feature, Italian Studies, but precious little engagement as they drone on about their fears, frustrations and yearnings. At the center of this supposed reflection on dislocation and connection is Vanessa Kirby, playing a British writer with temporary amnesia in a display of actressy self-indulgence whose charms are far exceeded by its brief 81-minute run time.

Saved to a slim extent by cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz’s dreamy visuals of New York City in the pre-COVID summertime and by dependably mood-enhancing composer Nicholas Britell’s shimmering score, the film trades the agreeably limber storytelling and seeming spontaneity of Leon’s previous work for a narrative both aimless and inert. More than anything it recalls one of those “lost weekend” stories about Hollywood celebrities that used to be fodder for late-night comedians in times less sensitive to mental illness.

The spark for the project was the ascending star’s availability and desire to work with Leon. While they were tossing around concepts, Kirby reportedly told the director, “I want you to throw me out into the streets of New York and to challenge me.” Apparently, making it interesting for the rest of us wasn’t a concern.
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