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Did you know Vanessa Kirby as Alice Tanner was on the tv adaptation of Kate Mosse’s book Labyrinth? She costared with , , and the writer of the book? That’s right!! She did an amazing job! And you know once more thing? is not only a star on Downton Abbey, but also a close friend and roomate to Vanessa! See what is available on the gallery of the fansite of Labyrinth:

0035.png 0157.png 0188.png 0370.png

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Screencaps: Episode 1

0015.png 0141.png 0228.png 0288.png

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Screencaps: Episode 2

009.jpg 026.JPG 045.jpg 055.jpg

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Episode Stills

003.jpg 005.jpg 007.jpg 012.jpg

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Behind The Scenes

022.jpg 036.jpg 001_2.jpg 001_4.jpg

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Promotional Pictures

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > DVD Covers

0017.jpg 0002.jpg 0034.jpg 0236.jpg

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Screencaps: Video Diary 2

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Screencaps: Web Diaries 9

TV Series > 2012 – Labyrinth > Screencaps: Behind The Scenes

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