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Vanessa will move to Oxfordshire to start filming Napoleon (previously called Kitbag). According to this source, the movie will be out in 2023 in Apple + TV.


A Napoleonic epic, which has some big names attached to it, will shoot scenes in Oxfordshire.

Last year the Oxford Mail brought you news that a huge new movie production would be filming in parts of the county, as well as the fact they were looking for extras to star in the film.

A source on the set told the Oxford Mail the film is massive and “bigger than 1917”.

What is the film?

The film is a historical biopic focusing on the life of French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

It was originally titled Kitbag but has now changed its name simply to Napoleon.

What is it about?

The production is an ‘original and personal’ look at Napoleon origins and life. It tracks his ‘swift, ruthless climb to emperor’ through the perspective of his ‘addictive and often volatile’ relationship with his wife Josephine.

Who does it star?

The film stars actor Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role of Napoleon.

The role of Josephine was originally set to be played by Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer however she has since had exit the production due to scheduling conflicts. Vanessa Kirby will now play opposite Phoenix as Empress Josephine.

Where will it film?

It is unknown exactly where the movie will undertake production in the county but filming was set to begin in January.

The space that will be used will film “various battle scenes”.

When will it come out?

It is expected to come out on Apple TV+ in 2023.

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