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Vanessa graced our screen while Zooming for Golden Globes as she was nominated for best actress. Unfortunately she didn’t win, but she is already a winner in our eyes with, not only, an amazing career but also the gracious look she had. She was accompanied by her sister Julie, and hopefully will have screencaps from the event soon added to our gallery. For now, enjoy photos from the event powered by Gucci and Cartier.

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Kirby – who was nominated for her role in Pieces Of A Woman – chose a sleek and simple black Gucci dress for the occasion, which featured a halter neckline and a cut-out detail at the front. Elevating the evening look, she paired the ensemble with some sparkling Cartier jewels in the form of two rings and one pair of statement platinum earrings, both featuring red and white diamonds. The look was typical Kirby, who always exudes that pared-back elegance on the red carpet, something which she says is a direct result of being on set most days.

“When you have to dress up as different characters for your job, I prefer to just keep my personal style quite neutral,” she told us. “I have a uniform pretty much, all black!”

hat being said, Kirby admits that her personal style has certainly changed over the years as she has spent more time in the spotlight.

“I have definitely learnt to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship that goes into designing high jewellery and dresses,” she says, adding that her red-carpet style has evolved as a result of her stylist Ryan Hastings “and his brilliance”.

Of course, last night’s ceremony was different to many that she’s attended before – and this played into her decision about what to wear: “It is obviously a very different thing to attend, and so we wanted to go for something simple that would work if you were sitting down, too.”

“It’s never going to be the same when you are not physically with other people, especially when you are not with the team of filmmakers that become like family, but ultimately, of course, it is a little more relaxed from home,” she adds.
Kirby says that it is this element of the red-carpet circuit that she misses most, the people you usually get to spend hours on end with, rather than posing for photographers or walking that red carpet.

“For me, the red carpet is never about the red carpet – it’s about my stylist and the hair and make-up team, it’s about the time you get to spend hanging out with the ones you love before and after it.”


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