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Posted on January 03, 2021 / by Ana / in Gallery, news/ rumours, Video Archive

Vanessa continuous promoting Pieces of a Woman, which is due on Netflix on the 7th, via online. She made interviews for ET Canada, with Bonnie Laufer Krebs, with Tara Hitchcock, Brief Take, Jake Take’s, Margaret Gardiner, and Fox 5. Just click on each name to watch the interviews, and don’t forget to see our gallery for the screencaps. Let’s not forget that more interviews have surfaced the web, this time via the italian magazine IO Donna where she talks about other projects as well. See below the cut.




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IO Donna interview below:

Vanessa Kirby is inhabited by the sacred fire the impression, speaking with her, is that they supplied it to her along with the fire extinguishers. If she talks about what acting represents for her, she uses expressions like “pseudo-life”, “daydream”. An attempt to give a name, cooling it down, to that mystery whereby when you step on the scene or someone yells “action” you begin to feel someone else’s emotions .
You watch her on the screen, you love her on stage, you tell her: «She was a bomb in Julie ( Miss Julie from Strindberg in London party girl version at the National Theater)» ventures the reporter. “In Pieces of a Woman (the film that gave her the Volpi cup at the last Venice Film Festival) gave us goosebumps,” he adds. And wait. The standard reaction, the thanks, the profusion of modesty. Instead … nothing, Vanessa Kirby is silent. As if the compliments weren’t for her, but for Julie, for Martha, and for the long list of women she has profaned thoughts and emotions about.
Martha, the young Bostonian we meet in the first scenes of Pieces of a Woman (on Netflix from January 7), is a woman who is in control of her own life . We see her picking up a new, more spacious car (it will have to accommodate a child seat and pram), together with her husband Sean (Shia LaBeouf) . For her it is the last day of work in the office before maternity leave. Everything is ready, the future already written.

The director of the film, the Hungarian Kornél Mundruczó, here at his English-language debut, has experienced what follows in the story. And to the actress he chose – an actress whom the Guardian had simply labeled “The future of English theater” – he asked to stage his descent into hell, but above all of his partner, the screenwriter of the film Kata Wéber , who perhaps how Martha had hung up the ultrasound picture of the baby waiting in the nursery.
In a very hard, uncut, half-hour scene, Vanessa Kirby goes into labor, the midwife arrives home (but she is not the one the couple had chosen, engaged in another birth), nervousness and omens pile up. And when the viewer thinks back to the considerations made just before by Sean, who works in construction, on how certain types of vibrations can reduce very solid structures to crumbs , he understands that perhaps the reference, with the fast forward, is not the bridge that is building over the Charles River in Boston, but at their wedding.

Kirby, who is not a mother, not only witnessed childbirth in preparation, but met many women who had miscarriages or who gave birth to dead babies soon after and, as Meghan Markle said about her experience, choosing to sharing it publicly, she says she is “happy above all with the fact that many women, seeing the film, will feel less alone. It is a subject on which there is a lot of silence, and behind the silence there is often a mixture of stigma and pain. We talked to Kata about it: I felt a strong responsibility to be the intermediary of her mourning.But also the excitement that always gives me to approach something I do not know. This film took me to territories of femininity where my imagination had never pushed itself, but on which I had fantasized a lot ».
Pieces of a Woman is the first film in which Kirby stars. Until now the cinema had offered her supporting roles (even, unexpectedly, in a spin-off of the turbo-franchise Fast and Furious ). The theater, where she made her debut at a very young age, took her to television (in Great Britain osmosis is the most natural thing in the world) and The Crown , where she played the role of Margaret in the first two seasons (the baton passed then to Helena Bonham Carter) “it was definitely the turning point,” he tells us. But the change of pace took place at the last Film Festival, where Kirby accompanied two films ( The World to Come by Mona Fastvold, in which he co-stars with Katherine Waterston, will be seen next season) andfrom “sensation of the Lagoon” it was converted in the space of one night into “sure Oscar candidate” . “I didn’t expect it to be like this, but compliments aren’t the most important thing,” he comments. “My father was a country doctor (actually a urologist, he practiced in Wimbledon, ed ), he raised me with the certainty that only work is important. Work is what remains. I like to be appreciated, but every film can be the last, you have to keep working ».

Not only is the work ethic among the family legacies. Crazy about the theater, Mr. Kirby regularly took his children with him, and among the many Shakespeare and Ibsen Vanessa saw before she could legally order a pint, there was’ a production of the Cherry Garden (it was with Vanessa and Corin Redgrave, editor’s note ) that struck me. Even before that day it was clear to me where I was happy, in my little creative space, where I could play at being different things, creating a sweet space for me . But that Gardenit had sucked me in, I was in the place where the action took place. And I remember saying to myself: “I want to do this, I want to be there, whatever it is, even if I have no idea how to do it”. At that moment I knew I had to try ».

The sweet, creative little space had been the place where Kirby, as a child, had taken refuge to escape the first hardships of life. A bullied teen, even from that experience she drew useful lessons to be put to good use in retrospect: «Adolescence is a complicated period in life. Not being the most popular girl in school changed me. It taught me something about the power that other people’s judgment has over us. And that maybe I’m an outsider. But that doesn’t bother me. I think I transferred that teaching into Margaret’s character years later. ‘
Torn between European independent cinema and major Hollywood productions (she signed a contract for 3 chapters of Mission: Impossible , two of which are now shooting, in which she is the ruthless White Widow), she refuses to establish hierarchies. “And it’s all so international now! ” He says. « Mission: Impossible is mostly filmed in Europe, between Paris, Rome, Venice, Norway, and is an American film. And Pieces of a Woman has a Hungarian author, but it was shot in Montreal and is a story set in Boston. The fusion of cultures is a blessing, Europeans and Americans give their best when they work together”. But the theater will always be his home, right? “I’ve always wanted to spend at least half of my time in London, but I love New York and Los Angeles, and I’d be happy to be halfway there when travel resumes.” No downside? Doesn’t popularity lead to alienation? «Downside? I don’t know what you mean ».

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