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You may know Vanessa from her TV projects like «The Frankenstein Chronicles» or «The Hour»; her movie projects «About Time» or «Kill Command»; or her most acclaimed project «The Crown». Follow our site for her latest news and we will assure you will never miss anything about Vanessa´s career!

We are starting a new tradition over our Vanessa Kirby Fan, where we will review the high points of Vanessa’s career at the end of the year. Our very first review shows you how big 2017 will be on Ana’s career, featuring new movie productions, photoshoots/ magazines featurettes and great events during 2016. Keep reading! 😉

Following a very busy end of 2015 where Vanessa started to launch her career in the USA, including signing with WME, we saw 2 movie productions being released this year: Me Before YouKill Command (which was actually made in 2014, and Vanessa’s only sci-fi movie) and Genius. Also, Vanessa played Princess Margaret over Netflix’s biggest production The Crown.

0_3785.jpg 0304.jpg 0_2429.jpg 0_6488.jpg 0_2763.jpg

Gallery: Career > Movies  | Career > TV Series

As for public events, Vanessa didn’t travel much around the world, but she attended to 16 events this year, mostly to promote The Crown. But we did find Vanessa being photographed by a paparazzi for the first time in NY:

007~5.jpg 014.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg 5_28629.jpg

Gallery: Appearances / Events > 2016

004.jpg 012.jpg 004~5.jpg 014~1.jpg 007~3.jpg

Gallery: Candids

Mostly, for The Crown, Vanessa managed to cover some magazines, Evening Standard and Stella Magazine, but for the first time was featured in a overseas magazine like GQ Australia. Though, she kept true to the Smythson brand, showing her model side while promoting their beautiful bags.

011.jpeg 006.jpg 003.jpg 007.jpg 002.jpg

Gallery: Photoshoots > 2016

01.png 00.png 002.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg

Gallery: Magazine Scans > 2016

And finally, Vanessa re-opened, at the end of last year, social media networks via twitter and instagram pages where she shared a little bit about her career:

0001.jpg 0004.jpg 0007.jpg 0010.jpg 0015.jpg

Gallery: Miscellaneous > Vanessa’s Public Instagram: vanessa__kirby

As always, we wish Noo, her family and friends the best in this upcoming year. May 2017 bring you all love, happiness and success. Thank you to all Vanessa Kirby fans for supporting us! ❤️

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