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Vanessa is getting the attention she deserves! A great photoshoot and a new interview 🙂

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Vanessa Kirby Takes Flight

Vanessa Kirby is one of the actresses who has every right to look forward to a long and successful career.  She is on the brink of stardom and was totally delightful as she shared with Muse…

LN  What led you to pursue acting?

VK  Simply – it was where I always felt happiest at school, where I felt the people were most similar to me and I felt most accepted. That was when I was very young. With every year it became and clearer.  There was one moment that I remember very vividly. I was watching The Cherry Orchard at the National Theatre with Corin and Vanessa Redgrave. I was only 11, I think, but this amazing world they created I completely believed and was spellbound. It suddenly dawned on me how cool it was to be able to tell a story right there in front of people, so honestly and truthfully; they literally felt for that time they were living in that house and part of that family. And it’s that saying isn’t it? “On the right night, it can make you glad to belong to the human race.”  (Irving Wardle: What Is Theatre For?). I think I was there on the right night. And if I can do that, even once or twice in my whole career, to some kid like I was…? That would be pretty cool.  

LN  You have acted in stage productions, television, and movies.  Which type of production is your favorite?

VK  This is an interesting question because my feelings about this have shifted in the last year. Although I did watch many films growing up, the theatre was the place I felt most aligned to. When I started working three and a half years ago, I really felt that would never change. But I’ve completely changed my mind, and that is because I’ve been ridiculously fortunate to work with filmmakers like Richard Curtis, The Wachowskis, and John Boorman, for example, as well as the most incredible and dynamic screen actors like Rachel McAdams, John Hurt, and Shia Leboeuf. I now don’t admire just theatre directors, like Howard Davies and Katie Mitchell; film directors inspire me, too. Paul Thomas Anderson, Derek Cianfrance, Drake Doremus, Charlie Kaufman – honestly, I would love to just be on set to hold a tray in the background just to see them work and be part of it for a day. That’s why you can’t care about the size of the role; it’s always what you learn and what you do with that rather than how many lines you have.

LN  Recently you were nominated for the third time for the prestigious Ian Charleston Award.  What kind of goals do you have moving forward?

VK  I don’t really think about it. I don’t think you can. As soon as you set yourself ‘targets’…well, you just can’t. Every actor’s career is so different.  Just keep bloody learning every day; that’s all I’m trying to do.

LN  What do you do to keep yourself “true to yourself”? 

VK  I honestly don’t get recognized, ever! So nothing’s different for me. I think I’ve looked different in every screen role I’ve done, most of which haven’t come out yet, and honestly I’d be an idiot if I thought people had the time to look me up and obsess over me.  I have great friends and a really incredible family, so I don’t think anything will change for me, inside my head or elsewhere. 


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