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Vanessa, alongside her friend and World to Come co-star, Katherine Waterston, joined the wonderful organization Spare Hand to help those in need. Find more on how to help here. It’s super easy and you can do it via your phone!

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My wonderful friend @katherinewaterston has set up the brilliant @spare_hand that links volunteers with the places and charities that need it the most!
If you fancy a bit of volunteering with choice over whatever hours you do, join here!! www.spare-hand.org

Hope everyone is really safe and well during this time xx



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As ambassador of War Child UK, Vanessa has been active on her role by going to a few schools and spread the word about this charity, enjoy a few pictures and one article on the subject:

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Vanessa Kirby, star of Netflix’s The Crown, who is also a War Child ambassador, has been visiting children at Betty Layward Primary School in Stoke Newington and helped them write letters to Theresa May. On Thursday, she said: “I first saw them months ago when they were starting, and to see the pictures of the kids they have been writing to, and the letters between them, it’s amazing.”
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As you all know, Vanessa has been active on War Child UK charity, and, she is now more active than ever! She gets behind their campaign to link schools in UK and warzones, says she hopes it ‘inspires people to overcome their differences and connect with each other’.

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The Crown actor praised the Learn to Live campaign as she visited one of the pioneering London schools at the heart of the project, saying she hopes it “inspires people to overcome their differences and connect with each other”.
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