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Even though Italian Studies has already premiered on Tribeca Film Festival it didn’t had a date for release until now. Magnolia pictures, which acquired the movie, has released an official trailer which you can watch below. The full movie will be released on theater and VOD on January 14th.

0009.jpg 0028.jpg 0045.jpg 0094.jpg

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At the end of October, Vanessa got on a plane and moved to Dubai for a few days to celebrate The Women’s Pavilion by EXPO 2020. Here you can watch a small interview she gave and the gallery has now screencaps of that interview also available. As well as two photos from the panel:

0001.jpg 0016.jpg 0033.jpg 0066.jpg


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Vanessa has been giving voice to several episodes of Spyscape: TrueSpies edition. This season has been airing since August 2020 and episodes have been released weekly. Follow the guide below for the released episodes from oldest to newest. For now, 47 episodes have been released. You can also hear the podcasts via the official Spyscape site here.

True Spies: The Man from The Getty
True Spies: N is for Novichok
True Spies: Blackbird
True Spies: The Real Black Klansman
True Spies: The Targeter
True Spies: Exit Strategy
True Spies: The Nuclear Superhighway
True Spies: Blinking Red
True Spies: Justice For Leon Klinghoffer
True Spies: The Limping Lady
True Spies: The Argonauts
True Spies: Sister Spies
True Spies: Codename Madeleine
True Spies: Burgers & Spies
True Spies: Hacked
True Spies: Drug Wars
True Spies: Blood On The Waterside
True Spies: The ‘Dreams Come True’ Business
True Spies: Olympic Games
True Spies: The Irishman
True Spies: Tradecraft PT 1
True Spies: Tradecraft PT 2
True Spies: How To Make Friends And Stage Coups
True Spies: Freeing Meek Mill
True Spies: The Money Spy
True Spies: Mandela’s Spy
True Spies: Seven Female Spies
True Spies: Inside NAMBLA
True Spies: Putin’s Palace?
True Spies: The Not-So-Beautiful Game
True Spies: The Profiler
True Spies: Surviving NXIVM
True Spies: Bring Down The Big Man
True Spies: The Spy In The Cornfield
True Spies: New Russia, New Rules
True Spies: Operation Zulu Cricket
True Spies: Indian Actors
True Spies: Operation Game Over
True Spies: Russia’s Most Wanted
True Spies: Searching for the Soldier
True Spies: Her Majesty’s Secret Service
True Spies: The Boiling Frog
True Spies: Making Jack Falcone
True Spies: The Avenger
True Spies: Trade Secrets
True Spies: The Destroyed Man
True Spies: The Sociopathic Spy


This post will be updated once a new episode is out.

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As we announced back in 2016, Vanessa was added to the cast of a project called Played (also known as Members Only), which was supposed to be a TV pilot. Now a few more images and, maybe, the full version, from it were released, now announcing it as a TV Movie, but my guess is it is actually a short movie since it only has around 20 minutes. How we missed brunette Vanessa! Enjoy:

 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg


0014.jpg 0160.jpg 0186.jpg 0233.jpg
0293.jpg 0461.jpg 0503.jpg 0606.jpg



We had this project under cancelled but is now available under Vanessa’s short movies.

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Following up to the previous posts, here is the 5th part of interviews from this year featuring promotion, on Pieces of a Woman and The World to Come. Vanessa was interviewed (via Zoom) by several identities, as followed, for Pieces of a Woman (Today (3rd hour), HeyUGuys,, The Hollywood Reporter, We Live Entertainment, Deadline, AdoroCinema, eight, nine,) and for The World to Come (Sundance (The Wrap)).

027.jpg 016.jpg 028.jpg 014.jpg

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