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Looks like Noo (Vanessa’s full name is Vanessa Noola Kirby, and she prefers people call her Noo) has been having some a lot of work lately! The cover of her newest role is for Insomniacs:


Movies > 2013 – Insomniacs (Short Film) > Promotional Pictures

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Agatha Christie Poirot: Elephants Can Remember episode just aired! Caps available in the gallery:

 0083.jpg 0232.jpg 0323.jpg 0353.jpg

TV Series > 2013 – Poirot: Elephants Can Remember > Screencaps: Episode 1 Season 13

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We have a lot of content in the gallery that you might not even know of! So on every Friday, I will be posting something new about Vanessa, thats already on the gallery and you may not know off!! Lets begin.

…Did you know Vanessa was on a McFly video? That’s right! The music is “The Heart Never Lies” and you can see the screencaps:

004.jpg 021.jpg 035.jpg 039.jpg

Captures > Others > McFly – The Heart Never Lies

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The first episode stills from Agatha Christie’s Poirot episode Elephants Can Remember as Celia Ravenscroft have been added to the gallery in HQ quality!

001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG

TV Series > 2013 – Poirot: Elephants Can Remember > Episode Stills

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