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We feel lucky enough to share with all fans that outtakes from the 2012 Instyle UK shoot and 2015 Lula Magazine shoot have been released! Who feels we should get a new design based on this new outtakes? Stunning! Thank you for the Vanessa Kirby Russian source for pointing us to the new outtakes.

001~11.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg

Photoshoots > 2015 > Set 005 for Lula Magazine

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004-2.jpg 

Photoshoots > 2012 > Set 004 for Instyle UK October

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In the past month, Vanessa was seen Out and About in London see the released pictures now available in our gallery:

0005.jpg 0009.jpg 0021.jpg 0025.jpg

Candids > June 25, 2020: Out and About in London

0003.jpg 0014.jpg 0021.jpg 0039.jpg

 Candids > June 26, 2020: Out and About in London

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We have added the official photoshoot from this years BAFTA event! You may remember we previously had photos of Vanessa and Emilia Clarke, who presented an award at the show, but those were behind the scenes photos. Now, after a few months, since the event occurred in January, three brand new pictures have surfaced!

0004.jpg 0005.jpg 0006.jpg 

Photoshoots > 2020 > .001 for BAFTA

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As times are slow for Vanessa, we have upgraded Season 1 of The Crown, The Hour, The Frankenstein Chronicles and The Dresser for high quality screencaps! Enjoy:

0220.jpg 0051.jpg 0223.jpg 0192.jpg

0261.jpg 0374.jpg 0004.jpg 0197.jpg

0116.jpg 0046.jpg 0234.jpg 0327.jpg

0252.jpg 0158.jpg 0093.jpg 0247.jpg

TV Series > 2016 / 2017 – The Crown > Season 1 > Episode Screencaps

TV Series > 2011 – The Hour

TV Series > 2015 – The Frankenstein Chronicles

TV Series > 2015 – The Dresser

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We have added +400 high quality screencaps of Vanessa as Ada Brooks on Mr. Jones! She has a short performance, yet a very emotional one! Enjoy:

0010.jpg 0141.jpg 0299.jpg 0485.jpg 

 Projects > Movies > 2019 – Mr Jones > Blu-Ray Screencaps

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