October 10, 2022  •  Leave a Reply Interviews, Videos

Vanessa has been selected to narrate Morgan is my Name by Sophie Keetch on Audible. And to celebrate that, Audible 8, released a small interview containing some not usual questions.

Previously, Vanessa announced she wanted to be embassador of organizations she believe in, so, to support that, she went Live with Nemonte Nenquimo :

We are thrilled to present this inspiring conversation between two remarkable activists – Nemonte Nenquimo, Waorani leader and co-founder of Amazon Frontlines & Ceibo Alliance, and Vanessa Kirby, actress & ambassador for our organization. This event was hosted and streamed live on Amazon Frontlines’ Instagram on June 28th 2022. Nemonte shares her experiences on the frontlines of the battle to protect the Amazon rainforest from destructive extractive industries and to defend Indigenous rights. Together, Vanessa and Nemonte share reflections about our interconnectedness as a planet and the importance of global solidarity with Indigenous peoples in these critical times of climate change. Join the movement & support Indigenous-led solutions to the climate crisis in our world’s largest rainforest!

Check out two videos in our vault.

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