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As we all know, Vanessa has highly promoted the work of War Child, for that, a new Harpers Bazaar UK article has been released to promote its work during this pandemic/coronavirus time.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a frightening and uncertain time for so many of us. It has been truly overwhelming to see the resilience and dedication of NHS staff and key workers. My heart and mind also immediately went to the impact this would have on children living in conflict.

As an ambassador for the children’s charity War Child, I’ve seen first-hand what life is like for families struggling with the consequences of war. War zones are already one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child, but coronavirus is making life even harder.
For families living in refugee camps or other war-affected communities, the impact of the virus has been catastrophic. Cramped conditions make social-distancing nearly impossible– and poor sanitation means there is very limited ability to do frequent hand-washing. As the restrictions are easing across parts of Europe, the numbers of cases are rising steadily among many of the poorer parts of the world. But because so many of these countries have such limited ability to test, the numbers being reported are far lower than the reality on the ground.

The health systems in these countries will be very quickly overwhelmed if the virus takes hold. Years of poverty and war mean that ill-equipped hospitals are paired with a terrifying lack of doctors and nurses. The Central African Republic, for example, only has four ventilators for the entire population of nearly five million people.

Read the full article/interview in our press library.

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