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As we all know Vanessa is a big fan of Hugo Boss and since she was in NY she attended their event!

“Richard and I were having such a laugh,” Kirby said after the show. “I was like ‘that one would look really good on you.’ And he liked a lot of the women’s ones. We’re friends, we’ve been friends for years.”

For herself, Kirby fancied the collection’s camel coat, but insisted it wouldn’t look the same on her. “I can’t pull most stuff off,” she said. “Plus when you try things on that have come from the runway, they’ve got these amazing models wearing them and then you try them on and you’re like, ‘ok, not quite the same.’” Kirby, most known for portraying Princess Margaret on “The Crown,” is in New York for the month filming a “beautiful little indie movie but I can’t talk about it.” She spent her morning off at the Boss show at the close of NYFW.

“I like their suits, you know?” she said of the brand. “I would always choose to wear a really simple suit. I feel way more comfortable wearing a more casual, slightly more masculine [look]. I prefer that to frills, always. I just feel better in it.”

“Helena is a great friend, she’s absolutely amazing. So in a way, to love a character that much, and then get to share her, is really rare, and that’s really cool,” Kirby said. “It feels like we both know the same person really intimately. But I would’ve done it forever, if I could. She’s so amazing – I got so lucky. The best time of my life.”

Once she wraps her current project, she’s off to Eastern Europe for another role. In the meantime, she’s getting her New York fix. “I did a play here a few years ago and I fell in love with New York, with my boyfriend,” she said. “I love it.”

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