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As you all know, Vanessa has been active on War Child UK charity, and, she is now more active than ever! She gets behind their campaign to link schools in UK and warzones, says she hopes it ‘inspires people to overcome their differences and connect with each other’.

The Crown actor praised the Learn to Live campaign as she visited one of the pioneering London schools at the heart of the project, saying she hopes it “inspires people to overcome their differences and connect with each other”.

Pupils will this week start learning about their counterparts in schools in a Syrian refugee camp, the Central African Republic and Iraq. Ms Kirby, who was announced today as a global ambassador for War Child, visited Betty Layward Primary School in Stoke Newington to show her support for the project. The actress, who won a Bafta for her portrayal of Princess Margaret in The Crown, said: “Hopefully this campaign will show young people that there are amazing differences but also similarities between them and children around the world. “Above all I hope it inspires people to overcome their differences and connect with each other. That is exactly what this campaign is doing.”She said that becoming a global ambassador for War Child was the proudest moment in her life, and visiting refugee camps with the charity completely changed her life. Speaking about the Learn to Live campaign, she said: “It is such a brilliant idea because it makes the whole understanding of what’s going on around the world for children much closer for them. “I just think it’s such a brilliant programme and a brilliant idea. The children we met today were nine and 10 years old and for them talking to other nine and 10-year-olds that are living in refugee camps, writing letters to each other and discussing the differences for the kids, it just feels so much more real.”

She hopes the campaign will “build a lot of empathy” between children.


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