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The bubbly actress behind Princess Margaret talks the royal’s ill-fated marriage and saying goodbye to her beloved character.

The second season of The Crown felt like a more emotional journey than the first, delving into the painful marital conflict between Elizabeth and Philip against the backdrop of a fragile post-war Britain still struggling to find its place on the world stage. Though the British stiff upper lip is still present and correct—the queen’s icily polite putdowns become a devastating art form this season—everybody’s heart was a little closer to their sleeve this year.

But Vanessa Kirby’s impulsive and passionate Princess Margaret has always been the show’s heart. She’s beloved by viewers in large part because she’s so unguarded and spikily candid. In the wake of her sister forcing her to break off her engagement last season, Margaret is devastated, throwing herself headlong into an all-consuming affair with Matthew Goode’s roguish Antony Armstrong-Jones. The pair are married before the season is out, and although that marriage lasted more than a decade, let’s just say it was not smooth sailing.

Kirby spoke to about Margaret’s “dark nights of the soul,” how The Crown changed her opinion about the royal family, and her emotional final day on set.

Harper’s BAZAAR: Have you noticed any differences in how Americans versus Brits respond to The Crown?
Vanessa Kirby:
 People are so much more fascinated by the royal family generally over here than in England. I think it’s because of the mysticism around them—they are the last public figures that have managed to stay so private. Growing up, I was so uninterested in Buckingham Palace and that side of things, and now I’m fascinated! I’m grateful, actually, that the show has made me more engaged in my cultural history, and more proud of it. I think I was a bit judgmental of them before, and Peter Morgan has managed to find the humanity behind this establishment, and the human beings that operate within it.

HB: Margaret suffered this terrible double whammy in the Season 1 finale, losing Peter and also feeling betrayed by Elizabeth. Even though she falls in love, Season 2 feels like another pretty sad season for her.
The last thing Margaret said last year is “I’m lost without him” and that’s really where we pick up with her. She’s so wounded when we find her at that wedding in Episode 4, just hearing these vows being spoken is so painful. It’s the strangest of circumstances where your big sister tells you you can’t marry the man you love, and even the fact that she’s the one who decides is bizarre. Margaret’s always been somebody that feels everything so deeply, much more than Elizabeth or anyone else in the show, I think, and this season was really about the extremes. I always felt Margaret didn’t have a filter, she just can’t help but feel what she does, and express it, and that’s a magical person to play.

“Margaret’s always been somebody that feels everything so deeply, much more than Elizabeth or anyone else in the show.”

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