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If Netflix’s The Crown piqued your interest in Princess Margaret, the tragic younger sibling of Queen Elizabeth, you are not alone. British actress Vanessa Kirby, who plays the vivacious, unlucky-in-love sister, is with you.

“I’ve even got a picture of her in my room, framed,” Kirby laughs of the real-life royal she is again embodying in The Crown’s second season, which is currently filming in London. “It’s so cringe, but I just fell in love with her.”

When preparing to film the first season, Kirby says she was careful to only read materials about the royal up to 1955—the year that Princess Margaret decided to split from Peter Townsend, the dashing, divorced war hero and longtime family friend, a painful breakup depicted in the Season 1 finale. The heartbreak was so brutal—many believed that Townsend was the great love of Margaret’s life—that it transformed the royal afterward.

“I really had to be vigilant about reading as much as I could, but only from the early Princess Margaret years,” explains Kirby. “The younger sister to an amazing woman, but one equally as radiant and effervescent who had all this potential, until her father died suddenly and everything changed . . . I watched loads of archives that featured her during that time, looked through lots of different images, and listened to all her favorite music.”

Kirby even stumbled upon a real-life relic from Townsend while appearing onstage in a production of Uncle Vanya.

“I found a letter that Peter had written to [Margaret] while he was in Brussels,” explains Kirby, who says the letter came from a cast member whose father was in contact with the captain. “I think he worked for Peter at one point . . . But, oh my God, to hold it was amazing. [My co-star] made me a copy, I stuck it on my mirror, and I got really emotional when she showed me it. It was really special to look at it and see Peter’s handwriting.”

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