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We’re just days away from the premiere of The Crown, Netflix’s highly anticipated series about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. In advance of the show’s launch, Town & Country sat down with Vanessa Kirby who portrays Princess Margaret and Jared Harris, who plays her father King George VI, to talk about the show’s most touching scene and why Americans are so obsessed with the Royals.

Why do you think Americans are still so fascinated with the British Royal family?
Vanessa Kirby: They really are, aren’t they? I think there’s two reasons. First is the magical, mythological quality to the history, of Kings and Queens and Henry the Eighth and the beheadings and Charles the First and Queen Elizabeth. These are amazing characters. I was always fascinated with them growing up, what that status gives you as a human being, what that means. You do become a myth, in a way.
And that’s combined with the fact that they’re the last public figures that we don’t know anything about privately. You have no idea who they really are. The gates of Buckingham Palace are closed. And this series opens those gates, goes well beyond the deepest corridor of it and turns it inside out. You get to see these people play out their lives in a way that has never been seen before.
Jared Harris: Mystery. They’re very good at maintaining the mystery, and it has a connection as well—there is a connection to America’s past through British history, having thrown that off, but I’m sure there’s still a curiosity about it. We like to know where we came from.

Did this show change your perception of Princess Margaret and King George VI?
VK: 100 percent.
JH: Very much so.
VK: Almost a complete 180. I didn’t know anything about them. And now having read so much about their lives, but particularly their early lives when these two girls were young and the King was going through the war, it’s all so fascinating.

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