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The final episode of Netflix’s The Crown includes a chilling nod to Princess Diana’s death. Four cars filled with paparazzi chase Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and her betrothed, Captain Peter Townsend (Ben Miles), down a twisty English road. As his driver swerves, a photographer leans out the window, trying desperately to get a clear shot of the princess. Margaret peers from the backseat window, half posing and half alarmed. As the camera’s flashbulb pops, an oncoming car appears over the hill and the paparazzi veer to avoid a collision. “Woo!” the photographer yells excitedly. Margaret settles back into her seat, no longer posing and looking full-on alarmed.

“[Show creator] Peter Morgan really wanted the prefiguring of Diana — because that’s what Margaret actually was like,” Vanessa Kirby told BuzzFeed News earlier this month, talking fast and tucking a piece of bright blonde hair behind one ear. “Throughout the whole series, she’s the one you see on the front page of the newspaper the most. She was this fashion icon, this leader of women’s inspiration, and she loved the public.”

That was the early 1950s. Fast forward to earlier this month, and Kirby’s star is on its own self-styled rise. She announced that she had signed with talent powerhouse WME the day before The Crown premiered, priming her to become the show’s breakout star. At the start of the interview at BuzzFeed HQ in Los Angeles, Kirby — wearing a perfectly pressed above-the-knee navy blue dress and killer black strappy heels — went right in for a kiss on both cheeks. “Hello, darling. Aren’t you gorgeous?

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