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A bunch of interviews have been released online with Jared Harris and Vanessa Kirby about their performances on ‘The Crown‘ but also some more interesting questions were made. Check some now:

It doesn’t matter if you woke up at dawn to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William, or if the extent of your royal knowledge is limited to knowing the names of the most eligible heirs (confession: I fall into this one), chances are you are at least somewhat intrigued by the the royal family. They are arguably the most famous monarchs in history. But what I think makes them infinitely more interesting is how they navigate maintaining royal traditions and reign in a time when the rampant progression of technology and media have resulted in a level of attention never experienced by any other monarchy, all the while still upholding some semblance of privacy. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

So when Netflix’s newest, buzz-y-est (and biggest-budgeted, coming in it at a whopping $100 million) venture, The Crown, pulls the curtain on the most guarded family, you know it’s a show that can’t be missed. After a crash course in royal history (I spent many late-night hours memorizing the family tree) and watching the first season in its entirety, I couldn’t wait to sit down with Vanessa Kirby, who plays the Queen’s rebellious sister, Princess Margaret, and Jared Harris, who takes on the role of King George VI, to talk about the most surprising scenes, what it was like to work on such a big-budget production, and *that* Prince Charles story.

Jared Harris: I got a little beer here, don’t I?

Coveteur: It looks like your day is going well.

Read the full interview/article in our press library.

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