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With lives spent in the public eye, the royal family members’ private moments remain heavily guarded, which may be why Netflix’s new series, The Crown, chronicling the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has captured our imagination. In it, the curtain is pulled back to reveal domestic disputes, health problems, insecurities, implied affairs, and peeks at a tiny Prince Charles learning how to fish and play soccer. Or, in other words, it reveals the royals as people just like us.

To celebrate the show’s premiere in London, Jared Harris and Vanessa Kirby, who play King George VI and Princess Margaret, respectively, discussed how they got into character for their roles, how the royals remain a mystery to the public, and how Princess Margaret’s forgotten love affair with Group Captain Peter Townsend may be one of the most tragic love stories of the century.

JH: The script and then Stephen Daldry. That was pretty much “Yes, please” right there, wasn’t it? And then obviously you read it and you go, “Wow this is great. How do I make sure that this doesn’t go away?”

VK: For me it was also the part. It just was so layered.

What surprised you to learn about your characters?

VK: Everything, because actually I didn’t really know anything about her when I first started. I just knew she was the Queen’s sister and she was this old lady who had died in a quite sad way. But finding out all about her early life, the fact that she was this notorious party girl but as well had this great tragic love story that affected the rest of her life and then had this turbulent marriage [was surprising]. She is sort of a great love of mine now. It was such an honor to bring her back to life in a sense, at least her spirit a little bit. I think I managed it.

JH: You have.

JH: I enjoyed [King George’s] humor and his love of his family. It was a very different take or requirement from the obviously very famous portrayals that, say, Colin [Firth] had done. So you didn’t have to worry about the comparisons in that sense or to try to pull off the same thing. It was a different need.

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