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“Stella is the battleground between Blanche and Stanley,” says British actress Vanessa Kirby of her character in A Streetcar Named Desire. “You’ve got these two cyclones, these forces of nature, and she’s in the middle of them,” she continues. “The play is Stella’s choice.”

Directed by Benedict Andrews, this particular production of Tennessee Williams’ tragedy stars Gillian Anderson as Blanche, Stella’s sister and the protagonist of the play, and Ben Foster as Stella’s husband Stanley Kowalski. It was Andrews and Anderson who first decided to collaborate on the show and subsequently brought the idea to the Young Vic in London. Garnering rave reviews, Streetcar debuted in London over the summer of 2014. Now, after a near two-year hiatus, the principal cast and crew are back for another electrifying run, this time at the newly-renovated St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn.

Twenty years Anderson’s junior and a good four inches taller, Kirby was never a shoe-in for the part of Blanche’s sister. The 28-year-old Londoner had worked with both Anderson and Andrews before—she played Estella to Anderson’s Miss Havisham in a 2011 television adaptation of Great Expectations and starred as Masha in an Andrews-directed production of Three Sisters—and had even introduced the two, but nothing was guaranteed. “I said to Gillian, ‘If only I could be your Stella,’ and she said, ‘If you can shrink and age in the next year, then you should be,’” she recalls. “When my agent called me and said, “Hello, Stella!” I nearly died. I think I was up a mountain filming Everest at the time, but we decided it would work somehow.”

In between A Streetcar Named Desire‘s two runs, Kirby kept herself busy with films like Me Before You and Genius; miniseries such as The CrownThe Dresser, and The Frankenstein Chronicles; and a stage production of Uncle Vanya. Returning to Stella, she says, has been a little “weird.”

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