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Ahead of her role in the Almeida’s Uncle Vanya, Vanessa Kirby tell us why no amount of fame or glamour will tempt her away from the stage.

You can’t fail to notice Vanessa Kirby’s beauty. At a glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking she was a model. But you also can’t ignore the 27-year-old actress’ glittering career.

Since leaving university with a First Class English degree in 2009 she has been acting continuously, ascending from regional theatre to the National and Young Vic, then BBC period dramas and now Hollywood.

She’s starring alongside Colin Firth and Jude Law as Zelda Fitzgerald in Michael Grandage’s film Genius, going sci-fi Cyborg in thriller Kill Command, playing a young Princess Margaret in Netflix hit The Crown, making her Broadway debut and playing Elena in the Almeida Theatre’s fresh new adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya – and that’s just this year.

It’s the kind of fairytale career trajectory that fuels actors’ fantasies. But despite her rapidly rising star, Kirby remains grounded. She explains how her success “took ages to sink in”.

“I couldn’t believe it for the first two or three years. Because I didn’t really get any time off either… It happened in such a strange, crazy way for me that I didn’t really ever think I was actually doing it.”

Before you can feel intimidated by this poised, extraordinarily pretty young woman, who makes following your dreams sound easy, Kirby disarms with charm.

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