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What were your initial thoughts when the part of Irene came your way?
My agent rang me and said, “So I’ve got this offer for you, you might be interested,” being sarcastic. Then he said, “Richard’s doing it and it’s Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen.”
I was completely blown away. I love Irene, because she reminds me of every actress I’ve ever known in the beginning of their career. I imagine every actor has considered those things and stayed up all night worrying about what it is to be an actor, why do we do what we do, and what do we lose, what’s the cost of doing that and why?

Tell us about Irene?
Irene plays the map bearer / pageboy [in King Lear], she’s a very young actress who is desperate to be Cordelia, and she has admired Sir her whole life and it’s a dream come true to be in his company. She can’t believe that Her Ladyship, played by Emily Watson, is playing Cordelia because she thinks she should be. It’s been a lot of fun, getting daggers from Emily Watson’s character!

What are your thoughts on the Sir/dresser relationship?
Well the dresser and Sir have learnt to live together. It’s the most beautiful kind of amazing relationship they have because there’s so much love there and yet it’s a sort of unspoken,
unconditional love between them and they almost can’t live without each other. I feel that the love for Norman is almost beyond even talking about it, he discusses it with Her Ladyship and Madge in the play but Norman never really gets recognition from Sir.

Have you enjoyed the make-up masterclass that everyone is talking about?
Yeah it was really interesting, because Irene appears at the beginning with all her hair down and in a dress, and changes straight away into the pageboy, so we were looking for how they would have made a girl look like a boy. Jenny [Shircore] literally puts on the makeup with her fingers so she does it exactly how they would have done it, it was actually really fun to explore how far we could go either way, we just wanted it to look as neutral as possible.

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