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Our lovely Noo is the cover of You Magazine!!

She enchanted us as Estella in the BBC’s Great Expectations, and is set to confirm her reputation in a hotly anticipated production of A Streetcar Named Desire. But despite her stellar prospects, Vanessa Kirby is still endearingly down-to-earth, as Benji Wilson discovers

Late last year, while filming Everest about the 1996 tragedy in which eight climbers died in a blizzard on the world’s highest mountain, Vanessa Kirby picked up a new nickname. ‘Normally my nickname is Noo [it comes from her middle name, Nuala] – no one’s ever called me Vanessa. But Michael Kelly [House of Cards] started calling me “Hot Mess”, and then it spread everywhere. It’s basically a nice way of saying, “She’s a total calamity!”’Vanessa, 26, is certainly not a total calamity – she is gorgeous, beautiful, a laugh a minute. But you can see how the nickname came about. She arrives wearing stonewash dungarees that even she thinks are a little questionable. ‘No, they don’t look that cool. My housemate had this really cool pair and she looked amazing, and I was like, “Mmm, I really feel like dungarees.” I was in Topshop, rushing to go somewhere, I put them on and just bought them. They are so tight – I was going down the street doing lunges to try to stretch them.’Today her hair is brown with a fringe, a hangover from filming Everest in which she plays climber Sandy Hill Pittman opposite Jake Gyllenhaal’s climbing guide Scott Fischer. In its natural state, she says, her hair is ‘mousy,’ though she’s best known with it bottle blonde.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2694382/A-sweet-star-named-Vanessa.html#ixzz382HFl0V5
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