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Ana   /   May 14, 2016   /   0 Comments

“I’d never really done anything like life-coaching before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew I needed help from someone about some internal issues I had clearly never addressed. The easiest thing is to bury them away year after year, but inevitably, they always surface.

The main thing that the coaching sessions did was help me to become SO much more self-aware!  Before, I’d act out behaviours and not even realise that I was really doing those things out of fear – all bred from low low self-worth, anxiety, doubt & paranoia.  Persia helped me identify where these things were coming from, and to be alert to when they do surface, which has helped me to confront the things I’ve always wished I could change, but never knew how.

Most of all, the coaching helped me shift my minset to a more positive one from a default negative one. I now feel there is hope. I loved how the coaching provided such unexpected results – suddenly Persia would make me see something about myself so clearly that I had never even seen before – to the extent that it would make me laugh out loud!  It’s those insights that I truly believe you can’t do on your own – I really did need a guide & mentor to direct me to a starting place of self-discovery & growth.

I know I’m at the beginning of a great journey to finally look at myself and confront the issues that had been buried for a long, long time, and I’m slowly becoming a much healthier, happier person because of Addictive Daughter.  I highly recommend The Cure Your QLC Intensive because I’m sure you’ll see a massive transformation, as I have done.  The best thing is, both Persia & Joey speak from experience and I can completely identify with them.  They are also examples which I can aspire to, and I know I can get to where they are because they have trodden the path before me.”


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