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Ana   /   November 01, 2016   /   0 Comments

Netflix provided that commitment — filming for Season 2 is currently underway — and provided a budget that has been widely reported as over $100 million for Season 1. Cindy Holland, the vice president for original content at Netflix, would not confirm the figure, but said that the budget “was not outside the realm of other things we are doing or were considering at the time.”

The first season covers the years between the 21-year-old Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip Mountbatten (Matt Smith), in 1947, and her later decision not to allow her sister, Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), to marry a divorced man, in 1956. Each hourlong episode revolves around a central story line, even as longer-running themes — the tensions in Elizabeth and Philip’s relationship after she becomes queen; Margaret’s ill-fated affair with Group Captain Peter Townsend; Churchill’s tenacious hold on power — are threaded throughout.

“They are all struggling to come to terms with the conditions and context they find themselves in,” Ms. Kirby said. “She and Peter Townsend were the big public story of that generation; it was so much in the collective consciousness. But she was trapped by what she was born into. After what had happened with her uncle’s abdication for Wallis Simpson, she knew that she would have to face ostracism if she married him. She understood the stakes. Who you are in all this, public or private person, is the dilemma, and for Elizabeth, too.”


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