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Ana   /   April 18, 2017   /   0 Comments

We would like to wish Vanessa a Happy 29th Birthday!! This year is going to be the biggest <3

To celebrate Vanessa’s birthday and also Vanessa Kirby Fan’s 4th anniversary we are making our first giveaway! Please follow us on twitter and retweet our giveaway tweet and/or follow our instagram page and repost our giveaway instagram photo to enter! 😀

Ana   /   April 11, 2017   /   0 Comments

Finally our dear Noo may be able to win a ‘statue’ for her wonderful performance as Princess Margaret on ‘The Crown’! She currently is on the BAFTA category for ‘Supporting Actress’ but, ‘The Crown’ (cast and serie) has been nominated a total of 5 times!


Ana   /   March 20, 2017   /   0 Comments

RedNoseDay has arrived and Vanessa Kirby will join this cause! For a starting bid of 5.000£ you can join Noo for a cup of afternoon tea with Claire Foy. Follow the link to bid!

Hit drama television series ‘The Crown’, is the TV sensation of the year. Her glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, played by Golden Globe Award winner Claire Foy, has re-defined the dictionary definition of “marvellous”. You and a friend are going to visit the lavish set, watch some filming, and then enjoy a tiny tea party – with not just Claire Foy, ‘The Queen’ but also the magnificent Vanessa Kirby – the tip to toe perfect actress who plays Princess Margaret. Brace yourself. But that’s not all… after the epic trip, you’ve been invited to stay in a beautiful room at the exquisite Ham Yard hotel in Soho. The perfect place from which to process the whole mighty ‘almost’ royal adventure.

This prize was kindly donated by ‘The Crown’ and Leftbank Pictures. And the room has been given by Firmdale Hotels.

Ana   /   March 14, 2017   /   0 Comments

‘ The Frankenstein Chronicles’ started filming yesterday!

The major new six-part drama series, produced by Rainmark Films, sees Bean return as John Marlott – no longer a mere mortal, Marlott’s purpose is to seek revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey for taking his life, and to redeem his soul after being wrongly convicted and hanged for murder. Set in 1830s London, Marlott must operate outside the law as he comes up against dark forces in high society and in the dangerous slums of the over-crowded capital.

Lets just hope this filming and MI6 won’t be conflicted 🙂

Ana   /   March 06, 2017   /   0 Comments

This past sunday, Vanessa covered ‘The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine! See the cover and the photoshoot over our gallery! Looking beautiful as always <3

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