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Turn on your Netflix and start watching!! I cannot wait to see all episodes from this last season Vanessa will be featured in ! Also much much more things are coming, Vanessa made so many interviews, and new shoots that I’m struggling to keep up with everything!! Thank you to FarFarAway site for the pictures donations:

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On a Sunday morning in Los Angeles, British actress Vanessa Kirby, her blanched hair swept up into a clean chignon, recalls a rare photo of Princess Margaret, the infamously fabulous figure she portrays on Netflix’s The Crown. “Margaret’s on the beach—maybe on her honeymoon in the ’60s [with] Tony Armstrong-Jones [who] has taken this picture of her,” she says of the portrait given to her by a friend. “She looks really wild and free, the light is reflected in her eye as she’s looking up, and her hair’s all messy. That’s the Margaret I love.”

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Ana   /   December 05, 2017   /   0 Comments

So many new interviews of Vanessa featuring ‘The Crown’!! This Season 2 is definitely rising the promotional bar, and for that, Vanessa flew to Sydney to give some exclusive interviews, we have added 6 brand new interviews to our Video Archive which you can see here:



Also see our gallery for screencaps of the same interviews:

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Vanessa graced the red carpet on November 21 for ‘The Crown’ S2 premiere! We have over 200 pictures from the event to share with all fans and a few videos too 🙂 Also check our Vanessa’s Closet for information on the outfit she wore:

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Appearances / Events > 2017 > November 21: he World Premiere of The CROWN at the Odeon Leicester Square

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Captures > Interviews > 2017 > ‘The Crown’ S2 Premiere Interview #1

Captures > Interviews > 2017 > ‘The Crown’ S2 Premiere Interview #2

Captures > Interviews > 2017 > ‘The Crown’ Interview #1

‘The Crown’ Season 2 Premiere


‘The Crown’ Season 2 Premiere


‘The Crown’ Vanessa Kirby’s sister is yet to finish The Crown