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We are so happy to let you all know that Vanessa is currently on the cover of the June 2018 UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Vanessa in a A class magazine cover!! Enjoy the photoshoot, magazine scans, a small video and the interview:

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Photoshoots > 2018 > Set 002 for Harper’s Bazaar

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Magazine Scans > 2018 > June – Harper’s Bazaar UK

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~The jewel in the Crown: Vanessa Kirby on Margaret, Mission Impossible and #MeToo

(…) ‘I never realised how empowering it was to play someone on screen that the men are seen in relation to – Peter Townsend is the fiancé, Tony Armstrong-Jones is the boyfriend of Margaret – as opposed to the other way round,’ Kirby marvels. ‘Margaret has set a foundation for me. I feel such a responsibility to find those roles and also to make them. I want to see a messy, real, weird, brilliant, idiosyncratic woman…’ Veering between kittenish coquetry, chilly grandeur and temper tantrums, Kirby’s Margaret is unquestionably monstrous; yet her sensitive interpretation means that we never lose sight of the damaged, disappointed young woman beneath. ‘Something internal hasn’t been resolved; she’s angry inside,’ Kirby muses. Read the rest of this entry »

As scheduled, Vanessa attended V&A Costume and The Crown event last week! Enjoy the photos, and thank you to our friend FarFarAway for the donations!

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Appearances / Events > 2018 > 02.03 V&A Costume and The Crown

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Photoshoots > 2018 > Set 001 for V&A

As we previously announced, Vanessa featured Vanity Fair December‘s issue, and now we bring you a behind the scenes video and brand new photoshoot outakes!

2017 – Vanity Fair December’s Vanities Star

Date: 29 Nov 2017 | Duration: 01:50

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Captures > Photoshoot > 2017 – Vanity Fair December’s Vanities Star

Photoshoots > 2017 > Set 009 for Vanity Fair UK

Hi everyone! Run to the stores and buy Vanessa’s cover for The Telegraph! She looks amazing as always and gives a full depth interview about The Crown

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Photoshoots > 2017 > Set 011 for The Telegraph

If you were to organise a game of word association with random members of the British public, it’s unlikely that their responses to the name ‘Princess Margaret’ would be wholly generous to the Queen’s late sister.

‘Outrageous’ – that could get an early look in. ‘Rude’ – yes, probably ‘rude’. Then you might hear ‘catty’, ‘cold’, ‘snobbish’ or – if you were permitting compound descriptors – perhaps something like ‘permanently pissed’.

For better or worse, that is Princess Margaret as many remember her, and Vanessa Kirby would have agreed two years ago. In fact, when Kirby was first chosen to portray her in The Crown, Netflix’s colossal-budget series about the reign of Elizabeth II, it was precisely that Margaret she imagined playing.


‘Oh, God yes,’ the 29-year-old says, when we meet for breakfast in north London. ‘The later her was all I knew, and that sounded like so much fun. I just remembered her as a weird, mad old lady [Kirby was 13 when Princess Margaret died following a stroke in 2002] and a total battleaxe. I had no idea what she was like before – hardly anyone did.’

After a while, Kirby realised her task was much more interesting than simply portraying a pantomime Margaret. Instead, she had 20 episodes to play the Princess from her late teens to her mid-30s – pre-battleaxe. The period covered the loss of her father, the ascension of her sister, a controversial attempt at marriage, an also-quite-controversial marriage that would end in divorce, and a gradual embrace of dissent.

In fairy tales, princesses are normally saved from dragons; Kirby had to show us how a princess could turn into one. She had to sow the seeds.

‘Harriet Walter [who acted alongside Kirby at the National Theatre in 2010 before joining her as Clementine Churchill in The Crown] would tell me how Margaret would go to plays in the West End in the ’80s and go backstage afterwards, raging drunk and just being rude to all the women – I think she literally hit Harriet once – before hand-picking men to come out with her,’ Kirby says, before pausing for a moment. ‘Now, people aren’t like that when they’re 17, are they? So who was this girl, and what happened to her to make her feel she had to become that in order to survive?’

To answer that question, Kirby’s research for by far her biggest screen role to date was relentless. She’d had little interest in the royals before, so she began by piecing together what happened and when, pasting the walls of her flat with hand-drawn timelines like a troubled television detective; mapping the chronology of events and adding notes on how Margaret might have felt.

‘I would only go up to 1955, though, when the [first] series ended, and then I did the same for the second season. This was going to be a six-season show, and I didn’t want to play too soon. If you made a quick film of Margaret you would have her drunk, smoking and making barbed comments, but we had the luxury of time to build.’

She also inhaled biographies – ‘from the raunchy and ridiculous News of the World-style ones to the ones only written to please the Queen’ – and listened to the Princess’s 1981 episode of Desert Island Discs on repeat. Then she downloaded all Margaret’s music choices (Scotland the Brave, Swan Lake – nothing too revealing) and created playlists of related tracks.
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