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Theatre > 2016 – Uncle Vanya > Production Stills

The Telegraph 3 out of 5 stars

Uncle Vanya, Almeida Theatre, review: ‘pity they didn’t rip up the rule book’

(…) In Icke’s version, Uncle Johnny (Paul Rhys) and his niece Sonya (Jessica Brown Findlay) toil on a large country estate for her father, the selfish, failed academic Alexander (Hilton McRae) and his much younger, Ray-Ban-wearing trophy wife Elena (Vanessa Kirby). The endless days hang heavy with ennui and unrequited love, complicated by the constant presence of Michael (Tobias Menzies), a cynical doctor and eco-bore. (…) Best of all is Kirby’s Elena, a ditzy, tawny blonde who surrenders to her passion for Michael, only to be interrupted at a crucial moment. It’s a vivid, sometimes hilarious performance.



The Guardian 4 out of 5 stars

Uncle Vanya review – Doom, desire and echoes of Dylan in a radical revision

(…) When the action is set in the modern English countryside, you wonder why the final departure of the professor and his beautiful wife, Elena, is so irrevocable, or indeed why the characters can’t hop on a train to relieve their boredom. In Chekhov, geography, as well as history, determines action. (…) The sexual tension between Tobias Menzies’s Michael, at once cynical and idealistic, and Vanessa Kirby’s memorably distraught Elena, is also palpable: what in the text is a furtive kiss becomes a clothes-shedding grapple and their final parting is a heartbreaking study of unfulfilled desire. (…)



The Reviews Hub 3 out of 5 stars

Uncle Vanya – Almeida Theatre, London

(…) Vanessa Kirby adds interest to the role of Elena, the temptress of the farmhouse, and delivers an excellent monologue on betrayal, while Jessica Brown Findlay does despair well for three and half hours but, despite the greased hair and mannish clothing, it’s hard to believe she’s ‘ugly’ as Sonya continually claims to be. While the men get lots of time for philosophical fretting, the women mostly talk about boys, which is a shame but that’s largely Chekhov’s fault. Sadly the rest of the characters don’t add much to proceedings and an ongoing joke with Richard Lumsden’s Cartwright playing the same piece of music continually wears thin by Act 4.

Kirby must also be quite dizzy by now as this is the second time she’s performed on a revolving box-stage. This one, designed by Hildegard Bechtler, is used in exactly the same way as the Young Vic’s A Streetcar Named Desire rotating to give the audience insight into different characters at different moments – it even changed direction for the final act to signal a shift in tone as Streetcar did. Sadly it also suffers from the same view obscuring problems, which meant the prime seats in the middle of the stalls often missed key moments, hidden behind a pillar. (…)



Whats on Stage 4 out of 5 stars

Uncle Vanya (Almeida Theatre)  Robert Icke directs a new production of Chekhov’s classic play

(…) And the roses were those he’d collected in a bunch for the professor’s new young wife Elena (Vanessa Kirby) whom he discovers rolling on the floor in a clinch with his best friend Michael Astrov (Tobias Menzies), the doctor who is exhausted by his non-stop travelling, drinking and efforts to preserve the environment. The other great scene is the one where Elena intercedes with Michael on behalf of the plain, downtrodden Sonya (Jessica Brown Findlay) only to find herself on the end of the doctor’s unexpected passion; which throws her into a carnal turmoil of her own. Kirby plays this scene superbly and it casts a dangerous tingle through the rest of the play, even to the final departures.


First, here are photos of Vanessa with Jessica Brown Findlay on the opening night of ‘Uncle Vanya‘!

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Appearances / Events > 2016 > February 12, 2016 ‘Uncle Vanya’ – Press Night – After Party

Thank you so much to Alexander Cooper for the wonderful photo donation of Noo on the set of The Crown! Alex is aiming for a little help on his crowdfunding get to know his projects here:

My first film “Parallel” will be released later this year.  You may be interested to know that I am planning to shoot my second film “Sandow” in the second half of this year.  The reason why I’m contacting you is that I am fundraising now for the Sandow production and wondered if it’s something that might be of interest to you.

Alexander Cooper   is aiming to produce a film called ‘Sandow’ and is currently fundraising. Eugen Sandow was a renowned bodybuilder who featured in a series of three 1894 silent short actuality films. Alexander’s film is about an impressionable Launceston Elliot, who comes under the spell of the iconic Sandow The Magnificent. He seeks out his idol and becomes his protégé. Sandow is to be played by Andrei Lenart. Alexander hopes to shoot significant parts in the Stamford area. Alexander writes: ‘Sandow’ is not intended to be a run-of-the-mill independent film. The project has much in common with period films like Gatsby, and iconic sports films like “Rocky” and “Chariots of Fire” with its strong connection to sports, bodybuilding, Crossfit and the Olympic Games.

SANDOW – Trailer gained the following award achievements for the Focus International Film Festival Winter 2015!

NOMINEE – Best Score – Trailer

Finally! We got digital scans of Evening Standard Magazine January 14th issue 🙂

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Magazine Scans > 2016 > Standard, 14th January

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